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Quincy College Fall 2017


I just applied to the full time program at Quincy College for the Fall. I was wondering if any graduates from Quincy could tell me what their TEAS scores/gpas were when they were accepted. I got a 81 on the TEAS and my gpa for pre-requisites at Quincy is a 3.58. What are my chances of getting in? I think that they only accept around 30 students, but I could be wrong. Thanks!

I just applied for the full time lpn at Quincy. My teas score was 68.0. Pretty bad :( but only need a 58.7 for the lpn program. Not sure if I have a chance. Good luck to you!

hi!!! i also apply for the LPN and the ADN program the wait is killing me i had 78 for teas and my preqs GPA is 3.2 don't know if it will help me to get in which i really hope...

I'm entering my second year at Quincy this fall. I got into the full time RN program at the Plymouth campus with a 78 on the teas (which I took at Quincy) and a 3.0 at my previous college lol BUT I also had every single prerequisite completed, an amazing letter of recommendation from a previous professor, and applied insanely early and hand delivered all of my documents to the school. I know people with better gpas than me that were wait listed. Word of advice: have all your stuff together and get it in early. Good luck!

Me too I got in Plymouth with a 78 for the teas and a gpa of 3.2 that will be my second semester at Quincy college I applied at the end of April and I got in. I also have all my preq even the micro I took it


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