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quick response needed

by caulie111 caulie111 (New) New

I need to come up with a complete list of controversial topics (std's, hygiene, sexual issues,relationship issues, substance abuse etc.) that may be taught in the schools or the community and good strategies for dealing with these issues,(involving parents-but how to involve, having students type their anonymous questions, teaching good hygiene as a class so as not to single out anyone, obtaining permission slips from parents to partake in the class etc.) If anyone has anything else to add to the discussion or list I would appreciate it but I need the info by this weekend 2/24-25/01 or by Monday or tUESDAY AT THE LATEST.-tHANK-YOU IN ADVANCE. please e-mail responses to caulie111@hotmail.com (use subject: list of topics)

I know I did not meet your deadline for responding; however, I am interested in knowing what you came up with. I feel that the students and parents need to have separate teaching sessions. I have presented information about growth and development to the parent's only. From this presentation you could start to develop a parent advisory committee. I see students asking less questions as they get older. I have had then answer pointed yet open ended questions at the end of class on paper; such as, what is your greatest concern about growing up? These questions can be compiled and address with the entire class not using names. We recently had an assemble on Drug Use. An undercover narcotics agent gave the students all the info about what drugs do to you. This was well received. Anxious to hear from you.


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