Quick Decision-Making Today!


My Kaplan program will start tonight, I'll have missed only the first class. I only need to pass the math portion of the HESI today and I'm in. I only heard about this session yesterday morning, so I had to act fast yesterday. The classes are Monday through Friday 4-10pm. My husband and I don't have jobs yet. I'll be talking to Financial Aid today, but it sounds risky. I don't think I can do this brutal schedule and work too, and if I do it'll only be a few hours a day. I'm going to drop this session unless I have an income from grants, etc. Any insight? Otherwise, I'm passing on this program for now.



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I was going to delete this since it's irrelevant now, but I thought someone might be able to learn from my experience.

After this post, I spoke with my Rep and she said Kaplan's career center can help me find work and there are also two openings at the college. She also said there's another program starting next month, and it's daytime, which is better for me. Depending on the grants they find and getting work, this sounds like a win-win....it's all risk, but this is a better risk than the one I had yesterday!