Questions for a School Assignment


Hello everyone, I am new here and a student at Delaware Tech Community College. I am writing a paper about the effects of nurse understaffing in which I have to gather information from people in the field. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Here is what I have..

What area of the country/employer are you from?

Have you noticed understaffing at your place of work?

If so, what are some of the effects of the understaffing you have noticed?

Have you heard patients complain of understaffing?

What were some of their comments?

Do you feel as though your workload is higher than it should be in order to provide necessary care?

Does your employer suggest that it will get better?

How frequently is overtime offered?

Do you feel that you are getting 'burnt out' due to work?

Why do you think working conditions are the way they are?

Do you feel there are more positions available than qualified applicants?

Again, any response is greatly appreciated. Thanks