Questions regarding an on-site visit.


Hello everyone!

I'm a new grad (May 2011) ADN who is currently enjoying the thrills and splendors of being unemployed and looking for a first RN job :p

I've been focusing outside of my city since it's a large metropolitan area with very few opportunities for new-grads in hospital settings.

I've gotten my first good bite, and finished a 2-part phone interview with an organization in a small town 5 hours away from where I live. They've scheduled me to move forward and drive over for an on-site visit where I will be doing peer interviews.

I need help thinking of good questions to be asking of the unit staff beyond things like scheduling and parking. What areas should I be focusing my questions? The day-to-day logistics? Management? I will be doing this with both RNs and CNAs.

Any advice regarding this would be a tremendous help, so thanks in advance :D