Questions regarding applying for Colorado license from out of state



I am currently a nursing student in California and will be graduating next month on December 13th. It is my plan to move to Colorado in early January and take NCLEX there to be licensed in Colorado. I am just really confused in terms of the "State of Primary Residence" section of the application. I will be applying right after I graduate, at which time my state of primary residence will still be California. But once I move to Colorado (around January 5th- 3 weeks later) I will be surrendering my California drivers license and will be obtaining a Colorado drivers license to prove that Colorado is now my state of primary residence (Side note: I need to get a Colorado drivers license and car registration pretty much immediately after I get there considering my California car registration expires on January 8th).

So, basically, by the time I take NCLEX I will no longer be a resident of California and will no longer have the California drivers license that will be listed on my Colorado application. Will this pose a problem in testing for and obtaining my nursing license? Is there any way I can update my submitted nursing application after I establish CO residency? I suppose it would be easier to wait and apply to the CO board after I move there but I really want to start this application process as soon as possible because, well, the sooner I apply, the sooner I test, and the sooner I can start searching for a job.

Also, the CO application asks for a nursing school transcript to be submitted. Do I only submit the transcript of the school that issued my nursing degree or do I also submit a separate transcript from the school I attended to complete my prerequisites?

I have emailed the Colorado board but the responses have been a little vague, at best, so I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on this matter for me.

Thank you so much for your help and for taking the time to read all of that. Hopefully it wasn't too confusing, haha.