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Questions about re-locating to NC and the level III NICUs

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I am a NICU nurse currently working at a teaching hospital in Boston. I am going to be moving next year and have a choice between Denver and NC so I'm looking for some info on the area's near the big hospitals. I would love to stay in a level III/IV if possible, what hospitals should I be looking into? Also wondering which units have a good work enviornment and are nurse friendly as well. Also any suggestions of communities/cities to live in would be helpful!!


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My husband and I just relocated to the Charlotte area a month ago. I am currently looking for a NICU position in the area so I have done a bit of research. All of this has just been through my computer, I do not have first-hand knowledge.

The Charlotte area has two major hospital systems: Carolinas Medical Center and Presbyterian. Both have very large main hospitals in Charlotte including children's hospitals, and then also have smaller hospitals they run in Charlotte and neighboring cities. Both the downtown Children's Hospitals have Level IV NICUs, CMCs is around 50 bed and Presbyterian's is around 30 beds. Northeast in Concord also has a Level IV I believe. Many of the community hospitals including CMC-University, Gaston Memorial Hospital, and CMC-Pineville have Level IIIs. However, I do not know the level of III.

I do not know about the other areas so hopefully others will chime in. However, I am fairly certain that Brenner's Children's in Winston-Salem has a IV and I would assume that Duke University in Durham would as well.

Good luck in your search. The job market in NC is tight just like everywhere else!!


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