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Questions about NROTC

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Hi everyone,

After hours of endless seaching I couldn't really find anything that answered my questions, and what I did find just confused me. :banghead: I don't know if I'm not looking hard enough or what. Anyways, I'm a Junior in HS, and my dream is becoming a Navy Nurse. I've asked my family, they have know clue what I should do.. so I decided to register with allnurses and ask here.

What should I do to prepare myself before applying for the NROTC program? If I'm accepted for the NROTC program, what happens?? Do they put you through bootcamp? What kind of physical training do you have to pass? Is it better to go through NROTC or to just get your BSN and then enlist. I'm pretty much confused on what to do. Anyone willing to help out a poor confused soul, such as myself?

Thank you,


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Sandra, Welcome!

You will soon find that there are many options and choices when it comes to serving as a nurse in the military. The first thing i would suggest is to keep an open mind about the options and your Branch of Service choices. Next i would recommend contacting a Medical Officer recruiter (not sure what they are actually called for the Navy) NOT your local Enlisted recruiter! Actually, they may be able to provide you with some contact information, but do not let them try to "recruit" you. Chances are they will know very little about the Officer programs, and will be more apt to try to get you to enlist... I was enlisted Army for a while, and it was fine and served its purpose, but If it is Nursing you want, DO NOT ENLIST.

Do some research on the Navy's web stite (check out the other services also. They are similar, but each has its own set of programs and options). If you still have questions, there are bound to be some here that can help you, or point you in the right direction.

Good Luck!


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