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QUESTIONS about Navy Nursing! Please help

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Hi!!! I'm currently 20 years old and have 2 years remaining in my college nursing program in NYC. I've been looking into Navy nursing for a few months now, however before requesting any information and getting involved I just wanted to ask nurses who have been in my spot before what they think, and hopefully you may be able to help me with my questions.

One of my main concerns is about coming home. If I was to agree to be on Active Duty for the minimum 3 years, and working at one of the medical centers away from home, when would I get the opportunity (generally) within those 3 years to travel back home?

Another question I have is about deployment. I understand that Navy officers do not have control over where/when they are deployed (or so I think, anyway, please correct me if I am wrong) but is there any way in which Navy nurses can request to be deployed or to work in places other than the states?

Also, how much physical training is required of Navy nurses? Not that I am worried (college athlete) but it would be nice to know to expect in regards to exercise.

My questions are kind of random but any answers will help a lot!! Thanks :)

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