Questions about License Reinstatement


I am attempting to get my TxRn lic back and I have some questions but first a little about my background. I voluntarily surrendered it because I had a severe case of burn out as well as complaints of diversion. This took place back in 2012. I was charged with a Felony: Fraudulent Prescription of a Controlled Substance I/II. I received deferred adjudication with 2 years probation, fines and community service. I successfully completed my probation and community service as well as paid my fines. The conviction was dismissed and now I only have the charge on my record. It has been 4 years, going on 5 since this happened and I have been clean and sober the entire time.

In the mean time I went back to school and I am currently in the last semester of my double bachelor in Criminology and Behavioral studies. During the last year I was admitted to a psych hospital 3 separate times and diagnosed bipolar and PTSD(I was already ADD). While there I participated in an Intensive Outpatient therapy. I eventually changed to a private practice psych dr. because I was dissatisfied with the treatment. Since changing I have been seeing him weekly for group therapy as well as regularly scheduled private appointments month to month. I feel way better now and would like to get my license back and go into psychiatric nursing.

I am looking at the reinstatement guidelines and have copy and pasted a portion that I have questions about below....Additionally...if anyone knows of anything else I may have to be considerate about or what I can expect to have to do please let me know....THanks

Question 6: How do I show documented proof of at least 1 year of sobriety If I have never been admitted into a substance abuse program(I was randomly tested while on probation for 2 years)?

A) do not have D/C papers as noted above

B) Can my Psych MD provide the letter indicating my ability to safely practice nursing?

D) Can all of my negative drug screens during my 2 years probation count towards this? (I am not sure if I can actually get my hands on these)

E) Would my group therapy sessions count towards this even though they are general and not specifically for substance abuse?

Question 11:

A) Same as above...will my group therapy count towards this?

QUESTION 6: You must be able to show documented proof of at least one (1) consecutive year of sobriety.

a) discharge papers from any in treatment/outpatient program for substance abuse;

b) letter from your treating physician indicating your ability to safely practice nursing;

c) letter from your past/current therapist/counselor;

d) random negative drug screens; and

e) documentation of support group attendance (with signatures from chairpersons).


a) copies of support group attendance sheets; and

b) letters of reference from employers other professional references, church group

members or others (suggest three or more).