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Questions about the facility you work at


Hello nurses! I am doing research on healthcare facilities, with particular interest in overall facility environment and furniture.

This is for a class project and is purely for educational purposes. Your input will be very helpful and greatly appreciated!

  • I would love to know about the areas your work in most (list/describe these areas) - patient rooms/nurse stations/break rooms/etc

  • What do you like/dislike about your current workplace environment and the areas you work in most?

  • If there is anything you could change about the furniture (desks/chairs/tables/other equipment) what would it be?

  • Has your patients ever commented/complained about the environment/furniture in the patient room? (If so, what did they say?)

  • How could your work enjoyment improve based on changes in the furniture and equipment (look/functionality)?

  • Who do you usually go to to talk about technical problems with equipment? Who do you talk to in regards to furniture purchasing?

  • Where do you go for industry news? (names of nursing magazines or websites you go to)

Any other comments on healthcare facility environment and furniture?

Thanks so much in advance! If you can answer even a couple of those questions it will help me out so much!