a few questions about cna classes and work


I start my cna classes may 10th. I was wondering do you have to wear scrubs and white shoes to class? If so is this included in tuition? What about when you do clinical are those scrubs included? And my question for when i get certified and find some where to work do I ever get to take a breather? O and also is the state test included in tuition? Btw I am going to a community college


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Every class is different. You need to check with your school/instructor. You should get a list of things you need for the class.

My class was at facility and we only needed scrubs for clinicals (and then we wore print tops and royal bottoms)...but the community college near me has their students wear white scrubs. So you really need to find out from your school before spending money on uniforms.

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My class was at a community college. The test, textbook, and BP kit were included in the tuition. We had to wear scrubs to clinicals and we were responsible for finding and paying for our own- they had to be a certain color though. We wore street clothes to class.