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I was accepted into CFCC for the 2022 FALL term and I've had some worries about the difficulty of the program. Has anyone gone through it that can give me their experience? My main worry is the extremely high attrition rate and how hard it supposedly is to make a B average. I am worried that I will be ruining my chances at a MSN later down the line if I mess up my GPA. I was referencing average NCLEX scores over the last 10 years and CFCC has the highest out of all Universities and Community Colleges in the state. Which I know implies that it will be overtly challenging to make it through. 

Thank you

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HAHA OMG mine was 375. I don't know what they look for I have been searching everywhere but all I can find are posts from like 2013. I was upset about the anatomy classes bc I retook them but they don't even count the updated grades! LOL I was hoping someone from class of 2022 or 21 posted

Me too! The point count worksheet says the highest it 600 something. So, I feel like I'm low down LOL.  They count reattempts?

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no they don't count reattempts that's why I was mad b/c every other school does! LOL I'm thinking if you only look at the courses and TEAS the total is like 520 so you aren't far off. I really don't know how many people apply or how they determine. I'm assuming they pick the highest 50 or something scorers from a list 

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there are older posts from maybe 2018 or so where they were saying they scored 330 points and were accepted. it had to have been similar to the total they're doing today but I know they took a different exam. hoping that is true because id feel better LOL 

I hope you get accepted!! I've read all the post I could find on this site. I can't find any other site or page that talks about their scores. I wonder why they don't post them. Have you talked to anyone from the school about your point count? 

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no sadly I don't know anyone from 22 or 21, only another person applying for the fall and I haven't talked to any staff. I hope you get accepted too! the anxiety is killing me. do you know anyone else applying and their point count totals?

I don't know anyone at that school. I actually go to uncw. I got rejected there for having a C LOL. So trying my luck there. 

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I got rejected from UNCW too! I had a B in one course and that just destroyed my average somehow. LOL 

Oh man, it's brutal out there LOL! Do you know when we're supposed to find out

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at one point they said mid march then late march but I'm hoping by next week since the deadline to respond is Monday. I was thinking they extended the deadline to apply b/c there weren't a lot of applicants, that's what I'm hoping LOL.

That's exactly what I was thinking too LOL. I mean why else? I'll take acceptance by default. No shame 

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that is exactly what I thought too!! HAHA I can't think of any other reason why to extend either, so I'm a little hopeful 

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