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Questions for those who have attended st. Petersburg nursing program in FL

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Hi, I have recently been accepted into the St. Pete nursing program at SPC in FL. I just have a few questions for those who have attended or anyone who is willing to help. I'm just curious about expenses. I have bought all the necessary stuff needed to begin (books, uniforms, drug test, shots, background, etc.,). But I'm wondering if I am going to have to spend anymore. A friend told me she had to take a drug test before clinicals at the hospital she was

assigned to and had to pay for it. But since I already took one before being admitted to the program why would I have to take another and have to pay for it again? I mean I know it's not that much, I am just tired of spending money I don't have. Just curious if this is true and if I should put money aside from my next paycheck for it. Sorry this was long thanks for input. Oh also I will be at VA hospital in Tyrone, if anyone's familiar with their policies. :)

Lori215, RN

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First off, congrats! I know their program is very competitive.

I am from the St. Pete area originally (which is why your post caught my eye), but I am attending nursing school at Palm Beach State.

I took a few courses at SPC and know how affordable the school is. I also know they have an awesome RN program and it will be a worthy investment for your future. Compared to schools like Keiser or Rassmussen, your cost is nothing, so be grateful you can attend there!

In otherwords, I wouldn't panic about 100 dollars here or there. Take a small loan if you need to (especially if its federal), because your investment will be so worth it! :up: Something I've learned in my experience with schools and policies... just do what they ask and be done with it, no matter how stupid it seems, because you will drive yourself crazy with how they're wasting every one of your precious hard earned dollars otherwise. (Believe me, I have been there countless times.)

Good Luck!


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