Questions for applying to the program.


First, thanks in advance for any replies.

Fall semester grades are in. I have a 3.59 program GPA and a 3.34 all CUM GPA.

I'm taking Anatomy and Physiology II + Lab with Microbiology now in Spring semester. That's all I have left..I think I asked this before, so please forgive me, I'm just nervous about this process. Should I wait until the September 1st deadline for the Spring '10 start date to apply so that my last requirements are in with grades on my transcripts? Or is having my final req (A&P II) showing in my schedule without the final grades ok for me to send my application in for the May 1st deadline, Fall 2009 start date.

In your experience, do you think that a 3.34 is any good to even apply? As far as science grades, are as follows:



Anatomy I A

Anatomy Lab A

Thanks again for any replies, much appreciated :redbeathe


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I just re read what I typed and I made it sound a bit confusing, I hope you can understand what I'm asking here lol

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