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Hey guys! I haven't been here in awhile. I was just wondering about something. I have been doing acute inpt hospital care for about 5 years now, and I thought it might be kind of nice to drop back my hours at my current job (not quit entirely, I'm not *that* tired of it yet!) and maybe pick up something else part time, just as a change of pace. Part time temprary would be ideal. Anyway, I was wondering how to go about finding something like that. Has anyone here ever had any success with using or anything like that? I know that most of the replies people get from monster are phony, but I have never tried anything like that myself. I have sort of browsed around locally to try to find a part time opening, but nothing has really piqued my interest. I thought maybe if I did something like monster, something woudl kinda "fall into place", ya know?

So what say you? Anybody have any ideas? Anyone tried 2 part time jobs (insurance would not be an issue - it would be about 10 bucks per pay period higher, but even if I am part time, I could still have insurance through my current job, and, as I say, I don't want to leave this job) instead of one full time? Any input at all woudl be appreciated! Thanks bunches!


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Nursing has so many great things to do, do your part time in nursing. I am a full time O.R. nurse. I have a critical care background. I do transports on the side. I am a part time flight nurse and on call at two different hospitals for transports. It is good money and go when I want. We have small rural hospitals with the big center way south. So frequently send pts south.


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