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Question for Tampa area nurses...

by k.wadeRN k.wadeRN (New) New

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Hi all,

Was hoping to get some current info and opinions on the best hospitals to work for in the Tampa area, along with possible salaries. I am currently a Med/Surg RN with some CICU experience, and 1 1/2 years experience total. I currently live in Alabama but my husband has gotten a new position that will have us moving possibly within 6 months. Just want to get an early lead on things and any info is greatly appreciated!

Hi k.wadeRN

I currently live in the Tampa Bay Area and I can tell you that Baycare is one of the big organizations and if you can get in with them, you'll be in a good position. I'm not saying that because I work for them, but because I believe in what they do for the community and families. Baycare has many hospitals, they're in Polk, Hillsborough, and Pinellas counties. Something to look into. Another good hospital in Hillsborough County is Tampa General. We also have Florida Hospitals and they are in Orlando, Tampa and I believe Wesley Chapel. I hope this helps you start your search. GOOD LUCK with everything :)


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Thank you so much for the info! í ½í¸Š


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Tampa General is the number one hospital in Florida according to us Newsweek. They are a level one trauma center and magnet as well:) If I lived closer to there, that is where I would want to be. Also All Children's is in St Pete. I did work there for almost two years. The only reason I left was bc the drive got to be too much due to where I live. It is a really great hospital as well:)