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So I met with an adviser at my school today about the RN program my school has. I have a BS already and I've been dead set going for an aBSn or at least into a regular BSN program but because of money issues, I've thought about staying where I am and getting my RN, working for a few years and then going for an RN-MSN bridge for my MSN in Nursing Ed (which is where ideally I'd like to end up).

I know my school requires a class that I haven't heard about anywhere or seen anywhere. It's part chem, part physics. I found out they do it because it covers a lot of the material on the NLNs. I'm now considering taking it in the spring so I can take my NLN in the spring, which I'd need for a few of the other schools I'm looking at. However, if I don't stay where I am, I won't be looking to get into another program until Jan 2011 with the rest of the pre-reqs I'd need (mainly microbio & A&P 2, which I'd wait and take alone over the summer).

I'm assuming taking my NLN's in May will be ok then, right? And then if I do decide to stay at my school I can get into the clinical program for the Fall (once I have A&P 2 done of course) and start that.

Would I be silly not to use my first BS and go for the aBSN? The finical part is what is really scaring me away from doing it right now more then anything. I want to be able to start working as soon as I can, however if I go for a regular BSN program or stay and get my RN, I'd be looking to work part time while doing that. Doing what I'm not sure yet but something in a medical setting. One of my thoughts is to get my EMT license but I'm not sure yet about that.

Any advice would be great.


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