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Question for successful applicants of a second-entry BScN program.

by Ovasaray Ovasaray (New) New

For those of you who have been accepted to this extremely competitive program, what was your CGPA? Did any of you have to submit a supplementary document, such as a resume indicating relevant work/volunteer experience, etc?

I have one year left to finish my social sciences degree with the newfound intent to apply to a second-degree nursing program in Canada. My first choice is uOttawa as I'm already a student there. Currently my CGPA is 8.8, but I'm guessing this'll go down when I take the mandatory pre-reqs. I know many schools advertise that a 75% average is the minimum, but that's merely the minimum to apply - I'd like to get an understanding of what the real minimum for acceptance is. Thanks!

Most schools admissions average is between 80-90%, and from what I gather from other threads it seems to be mid 80s minimum (whatever that is on a 4.0 scale, we don't do that at UBC). When I applied in 2011 the average was 78%...in other words it's rising (my friend started in 2013 and it's now 80%).

My stats: previous BA holder, volunteer experience at Canadian Cancer Society and a long term care facility, GPA 86 %. Best of luck to you!