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hey all,

the university of oklahoma in san diego has an accelerated second degree BSN program. since i have a b.a. degree already, this program of theirs spits me out a little faster.

a nurse i know has a family member who's looking into this school and passed the news onto me. just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the school or program.

not sure if i can post link here, so i just copied some of the info from the site. any thoughts would be appreciated!

The Accelerated Second Degree BSN Program is for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree or higher in a non-nursing major. The 60-credit curriculum encompasses more than 600 hours of online theory course work and more than 900 hours of hands-on clinical work. Graduates receive a BSN degree and are eligible to sit for the National Council Licensing Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN).


bluetri.gif Accelerated 14-month program of concentrated study

bluetri.gif Personal attention from well-qualified, experienced faculty

bluetri.gif Eligibility for graduate program enrollment upon completion of BSN and licensure as a registered nurse bluetri.gif Special scholarships available

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