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Hello, how are u all doing? I want to ask all you nurses who live in the san diego county area how is it that you all are making it on ur nurse salaries? I am from Kansas City and realize that you guys all get paid on average $60k a year, but if the average houses are about $375K, isn't that too much even for your salaries? I'm just curious on how "comfortable" nurses are living out in San Diego because I really want to move out there after I get at least a year's experience under my belt. I am a new grad nurse and from my research, I am thinking that I may be over my head on wanting to move out there. Well I am just wanted to get some info on you nurses are are out there and doing it. Any advice or comments are appreciated. Thanks!

Brad B. RN

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The only way I can afford a house and living expenses in San Diego is with my wife working also. Many one salary nurses that I know rent apartments, or share houses that they also rent.


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Not to mention competition is stiff in San Diego County BECAUSE it's such a nice place to live and work.....


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Yeah, I agree, we are able to survive because my huband is working as well and makes more than I do. We still rent, although we do pay quite a bit for our apt...add to this school anyway, make sure you do find the job first, then move. It is pretty difficult to find jobs here, especially for new grads. (I am still considered a new grad with less than 1 yr experience).

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