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I am a new graduate and i want to start sending out my resume, except on all the websites they want you to upload info individually and not just the resume itself, I feel as though having it done this way my information is not going to get viewed and im having much difficulty finding the nurse recruiter for all the hospitals on websites so i could either fax it or even mail them my resume. I'm starting to feel frustrated as to what the best way to apply for a job is. If anyone can please help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!


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If feel your pain. I hate using hospital web sites to upload my resume. I feel as though I'm entering my work history in triplicate only to have it disappear into the netherworld of the internet.

However, the inevitable march of progress makes this the industry standard. If you fail to capitulate to the new form, your resume will never be seen as most hospitals simply trash paper resumes these days.

Helpful hints to get noticed:

Always upload a proper resume (don't use the resume builder provided on some sites -- these docs tend to look boring and formulaic)

Send a paper resume anyway (most places these days throw them away, but sometimes recruiters will keep them if they can match a paper resume with an online submission)

Attach a cover letter (make the online application look as much like your paper resume as possible)

Finally, your resume will be seen. Today's nurse recruiters are used to online applications.

Good luck !


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I filled up numerous website's applications and attached my resumes as instructed. I was never called for an interview. It is best (from my experience)to take your resume to the unit manager(s) of the floor(s) of the hospital (s) you're interested in. I went to that route and got called for an interview in 4 days following my submission. The unit manager will request the HR to pull your application and go from there. Good luck to you.