Question regarding internships/externships (in WA)


I am a pre-nursing student (just about finished with my AA) and am taking an extra year of undergrad school (I go to a CC) so I can do an externship or internship and volunteer so when I am applying to different nursing schools, I can use that to my advantage. However I don't even know where to start and I guess come to find out, living in Washington makes that extra difficult because its so hard to get into the schools here. I'm thinking maybe I need to become a CNA or MA or something? I have no idea what would be best for me and what will look best on my applications.

I was told by a fellow nurse that I should call all the hospitals HR departments to look for externships but she's from Virgina and they do a lot of that there. Here, not so much.

Anyone that can help is greatly appreciated! I have so many questions!

At this point--I'm willing to go out of state to go to nursing school. It's THAT hard to get in here!



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Some (but not all) ADN programs in Washington require a CNA for entry into their programs, so getting that might be very much worth your time. It may also give you insight into if nursing is a good fit for you. You would also be able to see nurses on the job so you would have a good idea into what nurses actually do.

I'm not aware of any internships for non-students in hospitals in the Seattle area, but most do use volunteers in some way. That will introduce you to the environment, but won't give you any patient care experience like a CNA position would.

Good Luck!