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Hi there!

For nurses who have pursued their masters - did you previously get your degree from a college. If so, did it have an effect on your application process? I graduated from Douglas with my BSN and found out later it is not

an accredited institution (under the AUCC). So far, a few of the institutions I have researched have indicated preference for accredited universities/colleges. I figure locally, it would not be a problem applying to UBC/SFU; however, abroad, Douglas is not well known and is not a university... Anyhow.. any feedback would be great. (PS I really liked Douglas... so it's too bad!)

Thanks :)

Douglas is an accredited public college...I went to Douglas! I am now at SFU and have yet to be told that my credits from Dougas are inferior. When you apply to grad school, they look at your grades and your references and GRE scores. Unless you are going to Harvard, Yale or Oxford, then i highly doubt that they are gonna say "hmm, douglas college, what is that??" Most people back east have no clue what SFU is yet take a look at their grad programs like I have and u will see an SFU grad in grad programs in practically every faculty in every major university in Canada and abroad. If you are not confident in your BSN then go to UBC/SFU and take a post grad diploma course...other then that, just apply and see what happens and dont worry about things like that.

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