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Question from a preceptor

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Hi guys,

I know how valuable a good clinical experience is. What has your preceptor done that made your rotation(s) great? Or, what COULD your preceptor have done to make them better? It's been a while since I was in school. Give me some chatter! Thanks :)

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Well, I really liked the fact that my preceptor gradually allowed me to have a "full load" of patients by the end of my hours. We started together, then gradually gave me more to do. By the end, she was still observing, of course, but she would just watch me and pipe in when I needed correcting. It was nice to be able to have a feel of more than one or two patients we usually got in clinical. But of course, you'd also need to figure out your institutions guidelines on doing that. Personally, I already had a relationship with my preceptor, because we worked together on the same unit, as I was a PCA.

I also liked the fact that my preceptor was kinda in the loop with the unit as well. She would personally go around and ask other nurses if they had any skills (IVs, NGs, foleys, wound care, ect.) for me to do, or if there was any interesting procedures that I could sit in on.

The only thing I feel like I didn't get a lot of, was practicing end of shift report, or being on the phone altogether. For instance, if we were getting a new admit, or a transfer, I would have at least liked to get report once. At least a little practice would have been nice. But again, I guess that would be determined on the policies.

I really hope that you have a wonderful time with precepting! Good luck! :)

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