Question about per diem care provider/Sentara


Wondering: If a person is a care partner per diem at Sentara and works on holidays, do they make overtime? I believe they make more per hour on the night shift, but also wondered what other times they make extra. It would be per diem; I would not be full time; as I would be in nursing school. Thanks so much in advance for your help

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That should be an easy question for your manager, the Recruiter, or Human Resources to answer. A quick phone call should give you an answer.

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I called Human Resources at Sentara, and they have potential employees who have filled out applications leave messages if they are LPN's or RN's, etc. No live body answering the phone. Hopefully a care partner at Sentara will see this and be able to tell me if there is a pay differential for HOLIDAYS for care partners (I start the program in the spring). Thanks in advance. :)