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I am looking to further my education and pursue getting an MSN FNP. Due to scheduling, location, and other obligations, I am looking for an online, asynchronous program that grants ability to test and practice in Ohio. I am looking at a few different schools in Ohio, but would very much appreciate some input from anyone who is able to offer advice/pros and cons from the programs they have attended. Specifically, if anyone has any information about Franklin, Mt Carmel, Ohio University, or University of Cincinnati, I would greatly appreciate it! If you know of any other programs that are online and asynchronous, I would love to hear about them! The great, the good, the bad and the downright ugly, I want it all! Thank you in advance! Hoping you all have a great and safe day!


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I would love to hear more too. I was looking at National University and it seems cool, cause it's 1 class at a time. I am in NO rush to get through it and don't want school to overtake my life. When I was young and my mom got her Master's she would have 1 night class/week. Other than that, our life continued as normal. She also would have 8 weeks of class, then a month or 2 off, another 8 weeks, etc. That's what I want for my family. I also think going slowly will allow me to not rush to get assignments in and really learn the material. I'm not in it for the label, I want to know the material. Any suggestions for a slow/at-your-pace MSN program? Long-term goal is FNP, but I don't mind starting with MSN and then getting the FNP part after that. 

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Online schools? Why would you want to stay in the forsaken police state of Ohio? Come up here to MI and sing 'hail to the victors' when the U of M stomps the Buckeyes 3 years in a row.  Gloat, gloat. Seriously, Penn State has a BSN TO MSN TO NP Program that is expensive, but the course materials are fairly easy, at least to me. All else fails, plug in online nursing degrees and you will get leads. Or try computer tech related careers, there is minimal government regulations or stress and you can work out of a desk like the lazy management people in  nursing do  rather than run up and down hard floors until you blow your back, hips, and knees out. Explore your options, there is a better life out there