question about nursing schools


Hi all

my family and I are thinking of moving to NC and I am currently in the process of applying to nursing any of you know anything about Alamance county community college or Forsythe county tech community college?




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I go to Forsyth Tech CC now. It's a great program! What would you like to know?


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Thanks for replying

I was just curious as to how competitive it is to get in and do they have waiting lists? I just cannot decide if I want to go ahead and go on to nursing school here or wait til we move....our home is currently up for sale so I'd hate to be halfway thru a program.....

Anyway...I think I may just go ahead and try to go to nursing school here in TN and maybe the time I am finished our house will sell...and if not I can always rent :)

I used to live in Fayetteville and am anxious to move back to NC

Thanks again and good luck to you!!!


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