Question for Nurses with MBA , MHA, MSHA, or any Management degrees


Hello everyone, it's been hot minute since i last posted something here. It's good to be back!. To all my nurses who have MBA or Masters in Health Admin or Masters of Science in Health Admin or any Management degrees, i'm curious what you are currently doing with your degrees, are you working in hospital administration ( C-levels i.e CEO,COO,CNO etc),mid level management or Entrepreneurs, or Working in Public health, or Consulting?. Im asking because after 6 years of working as nurse( 1 year Rehab Nursing, 1 year Home care nursing, 1 year Med surg nursing, 1 year General surgery nursing, 1 year general medicine nurse, 1 year CVICU):) and now im working Outpatient Cardiology clinic. I finally decided, i need to work for myself. i'll use all my nursing knowledge to become an entrepeneur in the healthcare industry, definitely a CEO someday( Managing Doctors). So im in grad school now pursing both Professional MBA and MHA dual degrees, and apparently the sky is the limit for job opportunities for Nurses with MBA I guess hospitals finally realized hiring high level management with only finance or management,etc background with no healthcare background is potentially bad for business in the long run. Also i hear with this new healthcare bill and changes in the healthcare system the demand for healthcare managers in all sectors of the healthcare industry will increase. I'm curious what careers some of you nurses choose with your management degree.


as always stay blessed everyone!


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I am pretty much doing the same thing that you are and I agree with your plan and goals. Just specialize in a field as much as you can.


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Hi Cameron,

I have an MSHA, RN and work in middle management in the corporate world. I also teach @ local university for undergrad HCA which is very rewarding as I switch hats from nursing to administration. My students like it because I can connect the dots for them. Hope this helps