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Question about hypernatremia

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I hope this doesn't sound dumb but I am having a hard time trying to understand how this works.

If we have excess sodium. it causes the body to release ADH so our kidneys do not excrete water thus returning blood levels to normal osmolarity. But if water follows sodium wouldn't our bodies automatically not excrete water even without the release of ADH?

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Good day, Tramore35:

What's the difference between ADH and the RAAS system as it relates to water and sodium?

When ADH is released, what does it change where in the body? If aldosterone is not involved in the equation, what is being reabsorbed where and what isn't?

If you have 5 MG of sodium in 100 ML of water, and then increase the water to 150 ML, what impact have you done in terms of the concentration of sodium?

Thank you.

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