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Question for ED interview


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Im sure this has been asked a bajillion times, but my interview is tomorrow and I'm looking for any advice from people that might have been in my same position.

I currently work in LTC. I have worked in Med/Surg prior to that for six months, and right now Im going back to school in a local RN-BSN program.

I landed an interview with a small but new hospital in a small country town in the area. I think the hospital itself has 70 beds or so. The manager called me and the phone conversation was very nonchalant. I called after I received an email from her saying I could call to setup an interview. On the phone, I asked if they are friendly with school schedules, and she said "Oh yeah, definately! We have people going back for NP degrees, BSN degrees, we understand that the college is close by and that people want to go back to school"

So it seems promising in that respect. She seems pretty laid back (from the phone anyway). Just looking for some advice and what may be some DOs and DONTs regarding an interview specific to the ED :p

Thanks a ton!

PS - I cant believe I've been an RN for a little over a year now. Time flies by!

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How did your interview go? I have been a RN for over a year now and met a nurse manager today from an ER that I REALLY want to work in. I explained to him that I was looking to transition into an acute setting, etc, and he was very positive and seemed interested. He accepted my resume and said he would be pulling my application from online. I am nervous because all of my experience has been in HH so far. Please keep me in your prayers!