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I am a CNA and have been since 1986, I have worked in a nursing home, home health, hospital and I currently work at a physicians office PRN. The question is, I desperately want to be an RN and possibly eventually a NP, but does Excelsior accept CNA's into their program? If not, does anyone? Thanks!! Sassyr


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Not sure if excelsior accepts CNA's. They are not on the list of who they accept into the nursing program, but you may want to contact them directly to see if you qualify based on your experience. You can go to their website at or call them at 888-647-2388.

You may want to look into deaconness. I don't know alot about the program but it is mostly distance learning (I think you have to visit the college a few times to get check off on labs and such, but am unsure about this) and they accept people with no nursing background (I believe). There are a lot more knowledgable people on this board than myself, but hopefully this gets you started in the right direction.



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Excelsior USED to accept CNAs into their program, but they have stopped.

From what I have read about Deaconess they WILL accept CNAs, however the cost is MASSIVE.

Can't tell you anything specific about any of the programs other the Excelsior because thats who I'm going with.

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