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I am located in New York and I just accepted a PCT position at DaVita. I have two years experience as a dialysis technician already. My goal is to move to Charlotte, NC. My question is does anyone know: how long would I have to work at this current clinic before I can transfer to a clinic in Charlotte? If anyone works for DaVita and knows the answer, I would greatly appreciate your help. Is it 90 days or a year? Any idea? I have not recieved a employee handbook yet to see for myself. Thank you

Hi, although I used to work for DaVita I can't answer your question. However, you will probably be able to get the answer from current employees in this forum:

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Im in Florida and unless things have changed we have to work 6 months before we can transfer to a different facility.


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Davita's website villageweb for employees, includes all the company's policies and procedures. I was once told you had to work at your original clinic at least 6 months before requesting a transfer. However, be very careful in letting anyone know what your wanting to do. Unless your wanting to transfer due to your spouse's employment, you will have to jump through a lot of hoops. A clinic does not want to go to the expense to train you, only to have you transfer 6 months later. Any infraction on your part, will be held against you and prevent a transfer. If your present clinic is in anyway short on the number of nurses, a transfer will be impossible. I recommend if your wanting to work at a different clinic within the next year, to apply to that clinic and go there first.

Beware of promises, get everything in writing, immediately! Do you know the clinic atmosphere your wanting to go work at? Although I think Davita as a company has a lot of good things going for it, their middle management can be a catastrophe. There is so much competition to meet goals and meet objectives, that some middle managers will do whatever it takes, even to the detriment of us lowly nurses. Good Luck

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