Question about core courses. LPN and then a bridge to ADN.

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My friend and I decided to go for our LPN together and then afterward complete a LPN-ADN bridge program. Before anyone asks, we decided to go this route because of issues here with schools for the ADN. It will be much easier for us to go for LPN and then just compete for the bridge program. And we could also land a job if we wanted and get our foot in the door a bit and gain experience.

My question is...there are 5 pre-reqs for the LPN program and 11 for the ADN program.

The ADN courses are listed here:

The LPN courses are listed here:

I have heard of people saying to take the ADN pre-reqs if you plan on eventually doing ADN so you do not have to take them over. But...if we become an LPN and then apply to a bridge program, would it matter? I'm just trying to figure out if we need to or should complete the pre-reqs for the ADN program. We would be doing the LPN program at Chattahoochee Tech in Georgia but would probably complete the bridge program at West Georgia Tech or Georgia Perimeter College.

Any help would be appreciated. I mean, honestly, we'd like to do whatever makes the most sense. We'd hate to enter the ADN bridge program and feel like we are behind or not prepared well enough.

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