question about chamberlain BSN and HESI A2 test


Question of admission requirements for phoenix chamberlain bsn program: If I have 77% on the Hesi and 2.75 GPA, just a hair above the borderline basic requirements, do I have a remote chance in hell of being accepted? Just wondering..... :lol2::yeah:


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I am currently looking at going to this school. I am going through all the admission requirements and I think you would be fine. Do you have an advisor yet? I would ask them and see if that is sufficient enough to get in. I have my advisors email if you would like it. She is very nice and very fast at responding. Goodluck and maybe I will see you in class. :hpygrp:


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I believe you do have a chance!! i was talking to my advisor and she stated that people can write an essay explaining why their grades are low and how their study habits would change once accepted to Chamberlain. And according to my advisor people have gotten in with borderline GPA's and average hesi scores. Have you tried applying to the school yet?


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My GPA is 3.06 and my Hesi averaged to 82.5 percent. I went in and spoke to an advisor and we decided that I should re-take my Hesi (because it is included in the application fee and i took it with my other school) to see if I can boost my science portion. I didn't take the science seriously AT ALL because my last school didn't require it. I take it tomorrow.. ((Fingers crossed))

Did you apply for fall or summer 2010?

Good luck to you!