Question on CEUs


Here is my poll question-------------

Should Ceus be allowed for nurses taking selfcare type

seminars? A nurse taking courses/semianrs in yoga, massage therapy,

expressive movement arts (dance), tai chi etc. Or courses

in stress management offering some or all of the above.

Lets be clear, this does not include a day at the health spa :uhoh3:

With the current stresses on nurses in the working enviroment,

it appears keeping nurses healthy seems to be even more important

and should be rewarded.

My sense is that nurses love to learn and expand their knowledge

with clinical course ceus and will continue to do so even if

it was not a state requirement.

But I had an interesting discussion with a nurse about including

self care for nurses classes for ceus approval.

Nurses as employees often give up breaks, lunch or dinner,

work overtime or mandatory overtime, and holidays in addition

to 12 hour shifts.

Your thoughts are appreciated............

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