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I'm in my first semester at community college doing prereqs, and should be finished with them all at the end of next spring or summer. However, many people are suggesting I go ahead and apply at a few nursing schools in my area. I'm in a metropolitan area of NY, and from what I've heard... these schools can get backed up, competitive and can take a while to get into / accepted. I understand this, but do I really need to apply early? I mean, how does that work? Especially with not finishing prerequisites as of yet?? Can they still consider you with no prereqs? OR do I need to wait until I'm finished with my prereqs?

So far, I'm doing pretty well, A's and B's in everything besides chemistry health, which is pretty difficult. I have a C in that class so far....


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Each nursing school is going to spell out its own admissions policies, so definitely check the websites of the schools you plan on applying to.

Many follow a formula of requiring classes A, B, and C to be completed BEFORE applying, but you can be accepted while still needing to finish classes D and E. That might be specific classes, that might be a certain number of hours, that might be within a certain time frame of applying, that might be within a certain time frame of the program starting... a lot of variables specific to each school.

Make a list of schools, and as soon as you meet the requirements for applying, apply. It can only help.


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zombie rain gave you good advice. good luck