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If you are giving a bed bath and your next skill is make a occupied bed. If you take off the top sheet during the bed bath and put on a bath blanket. Can you leave it off(the sheet) until doing the next skill, making the bed?


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I'm in NC and took the state test a couple of weeks ago. I would think the answer is No because our test admin told us we have to treat each individual skill completely on its own, we have to pretend its a new patient and start all over with greeting, providing privacy ect. So far I haven't heard of anyone getting occ bed and partial bath together. And everyone! I've talked to has gotten ambulate with a gait belt which I think is kind of odd because we all tested at different locations on different days.


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I'm in a different state, Indiana, but here, we were given our skills in the form of a scenario - it was set up so that we were given a fictional "resident" and a list of things to help them do - so we were able to combine skills like that. However, since sonomala is in your state and says each skill had to be treated as a separate skill there, I suppose their input is much more useful than mine, here. :)


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I wish ours was like that! It makes so much more sense to set it up as one resident. Its such a pain, bring in the dirty laundry cart, take it out, bring it back in again, knock and introduce yourself five times, Can I go to Indiana? lol

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