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the wife and me, being both reg MH nurses here in UK, decided we would give working in Australia a try. However since going through the Queensland Govnt iterview when they were over earlier this year, no jobs have been offered. In the meantime, we have both got our queensland nursing registration, and have started looking for jobs independantly. However there seems to be very few jobs avaliable at the moment, any ideas why this may be? Thanks Nic.:confused:


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I am having the same problem! I attending for interview in March and still no positions. We were hoping to be in Queensland in October, that aint gonna happen! Don't know what to do now. I think going for a visa independently takes about one year, so thats a last option. Have you been contacting mh services directly? I take it without much luck. Any advice on where to go from here? :crying2:



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Hi, yes we've been applying independantly , but jobs seem thin on the ground at the moment. We don't really want to start applying for jobs outside queensland as we just paid for our registration there. Seems crazy that Queensland health will be over here again soon recruiting. Ive no idea whatour next step will be, but i can't see us just carrying on waiting for jobs to become avalible there. Nobody seems to know if any jobs will be avaliable soon either!!!! I you think of anything we could do, let me know.

thanks Nic.:typing


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Hi Nic

Yea, I have also registered with QNC, so very reluctant to look elsewhere and the thought of going through the whole process again! I initially thought that QH were maybe a bit slow, but looks like the jobs are not there. Like you, I am a bit puzzled by their recruitment drive as they are in England in September, but March candidates still waiting! although I know they are not coming back to Scotland this year. Its all very frustrating! We are so desperate to get over and have been planning this since December. I contacted some agencies today who were helpful, but said the visa process would take 1yr. I was also thinking of just getting over there and chapping on doors! But unsure of how to do this, can't go on working holiday visa as over age limit. Thought Australia short of nurses!!!! I'm in despair!:crying2:

Let me know if any progress

and good luck



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Have you tried job search sites such as http://www.seek.com.au ?

I hopped on there and in about 2 minutes I found a plethora of listings for mental health positions for RNs in Queensland.


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hi, thanks for the link. I had a search through and came up with a few i might have missed on the QLD health site. Most of the adverts are from private agencys however, and i don't know if you might need to get your visa first before applying. Maybe we should look at the agency route and see if they can link us up with somebody who will sponsor us?

thanks Nic

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