Surgical clinical reviewer (NSQIP)

  1. I am about to accept a job as a surgical nurse reviewer. I am looking for insight about the job (salary, support and daily duties).
    Thanks for your help
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  3. by   LKeating
    Hi Nadou109,

    I would love to hear what you think of your SNR job. It is an area I am interested in. How was the transition?
  4. by   nadou109
    I like the flexibility and the autonomy but it is a little bit boring and repetitive. I miss the fast pace of the OR and the money also
  5. by   red2ret
    I am too late to comment on your initial question, however...I love my SCR job. After 28 years in the OR, 18 at my current hospital, I had misgivings about transferring to this job. It has turned out to be such a blessing for me. Flexibility, no call, no surgeons yelling at me and it is easier on my aging body.