QI/UR/Risk Management question

  1. What types of qualifications and/or education does one need to get a position in QI, UR, or Risk Management?
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  3. by   CoachCathy
    In our facility, the QI must be an RN with two years LTC experience. We have training within our corporation for QI, but most of it is OJT. UR is primarily handled by our Medical Records Dept, with the ADON/DON filling out the FL-2s. I have been doing QI in LTC for five years now, and I really enjoy it. I am at my second facility (I transferred to a sister facility). The facility I transferred to was rated sub-standard, with 20+ deficiencies per survey. We implemented a strong QA program and within six months, we had our first deficiency-free survey!! I like being able to see the problems and work out the solutions. Once this facility is completely on track, I'll probably transfer to another sister facility.....
  4. by   Janis Noone
    One of the things you can do if you are interested in this type of work is to offer to be involved in existing teams. Ask to "shadow" a person at your organization for a day perhaps to see what they do.

    Also check locally at colleges for classes they might offer from the management arena in team building, project management, or performance improvement. One of the most valuable skills right now is experience with statistical process control....a bit "mathy" but if you are so inclined you would be an asset to any PI/QI program. Also, get experience working with Excel if you do not have it right now. General computer skills are vital but working with charts and data in Excel are a big part of the job. Also valuable is a working knowledge of using PowerPoint.

    I know this is alot but if you even have some of the skills that I have identified you stand a good chance of getting a job in this arena. Jan

  5. by   rhbuttercupp
    I have been working in performance improvement for almost 2 years. I went from being a staff nurse for 14 years with experience in many area of nursing to a PI position of review coordinator. I started out mainly doing chart review and working with a nurse who had many years of experience in PI. I've lear4ned so much since then. I'm going thru my 1st JCAHO survey next week, I'm really psyched (HA HA). I plan to get my CPHQ next November. (Certified ProfessionaL IN qAULITY hEALTHCARE) Anyway, its a field i love, my favorite position ever. I still work prn in ICU.
  6. by   Kimmyjc
    Janice what does your QI program involve? I am Quality Assurance Coord. at our facility and use the QI reports that we pull off the computer at least every month to extensively review why residents trigger, etc. Do you do something different? Thanks, Kim
  7. by   dhenceroth
    I am a Dir. of Risk Management /PI in a hospital. I have a CPHQ certification and plan to take the CPHRM soon. Performance Improvement has evolved alot over the years and as Janis said...you need a sound knowledge of statistical process control (understanding control charts) and also statistical significance tests. For me it has been really challenging....besides loving my clinical years in ICU, I always was interested in math and thought about being a lawyer....so I satisfy those interests in my current job. It's not all fun though....can be long hours and Risk Managers even get woke up at night!!