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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I've been an OR nurse for 30 years and just recently applied for a NEW postion in our hospital NSQIP Surgical Clinical reviewer. I am so excited because I have a computer science backgroud too ,so this sounds like a PERFECT situation for me! Are there any SCRs here....If so, can you give me a rough estimate of salary...I would like this to be a financially lateral move. I am making roughly 44/hr as an OR nurse. What do you think?
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  3. by   MLSHEPARD
    Congrats Snowshooz on your new NSQIP job. I am basing salary information on what the military hospitals were paying their NSQIP nurses. The ranges were approximately 60K or 70K a year not quite the yearly salary you currently have. I became familiar with NSQIP while working on the implementation of the program at a Naval Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. There are only two NSQIP nurses in the state of Louisiana in which I live and both of them are located in hospitals near New Orleans. I do not know how much they are paid, but I do know they must perform other duties in addition to their NSQIP responsibilities. The American College of Surgeons (ACS) has made it clear to hospitals that the NSQIP nurses should focus only on NSQIP duties so I hope your hospital will follow the rules. If you have any VA contacts look up the VASQIP nurses at your local VA hospital and this will give you the salary range the VA is paying their NSQIP nurses. If you need more information on the program let me know. Mike S/BSN/LCDR/Retired
  4. by   nadou109
    I am an OR nurse about to transition to a surgical clinical nurse reviewer. Did you take the job, please give me some insights
  5. by   MLSHEPARD
    Hello Nadou109

    Just received your post. Have you obtain the information you were looking for? I did not accept the job. I returned to OR.
  6. by   nadou109
    Thanks for answering. I start next week, what made you turn down the job?