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I am assisting a business professor in India in writing and researching the issue of patient satisfaction within our hospital systems. I would appreciate it if you could provide any assistance, as his primary goal is to introduce methods of increasing patient satisfaction within the hospitals in India.

1) What type of tool does your hospital utilize to measure patient satisfaction?

2) Do you use a hospital formulated pt. survey or a purchased quality assurance software program? If so, which one?

3) Approximately what size of hospital is your facility ie how many beds?

4) Is your hospital rural, city, metropolitan or educational?

5) Comments

Feel free to contact me with any questions or write to me directly at [email protected]. I am seeking many resources to assist in compiling data.


Karen Teves-Frazier, RN, BSN


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Our 100+ bed hospital, which is 1 of 2 city hospitals in our town, employs a company to evaluate our surveys mailed to patients who have received care from any dept. We are not only evaluated against ourselves and previous months, but also nationally. The patient survey is called "Playback" and the pt. responses are distributed to the appropriate dept. The survey asks about every facet of their visit, including admissions, dietary, lab, xray, etc. The patients rates the criteria on a scale of 0-5. If a patient mentions an employee by name (in a positive way) the employee is given a coupon for a free drink at the cafeteria, and his/her name is mentioned in our weekly hospital newsletter.

Bill Black

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we are a 134 bed hospital at the jersey shore.....we use press ganey for our inpatient satisfaction and our own "survey sez" for our out patient satisfaction

we too use recognition tools......any positive call / letter, i receive goes out in e-mail to entire staff. any customerthat writes in an emp / doc name gets a letter from our ceo and a blue ribbon lapel pin.....has caused alot of discussion (good!)

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