QuadraMed computer system... anyone using?


Hey all! Sorry I havent been around much lately, been so busy at work with new information systems and what not, feel like I havent had time for anything as of late.

My hospital is sending me and 9 other nurses to Restin, Virginia for training on our new "QuadraMed Affinity" so that we can come back, and be the liasons for updating the systems as needed....

we have implemented this program for order entry and results management, as well as our admitting and registration departments... however with Phase 2 beginning, we are a new team in charge of Clinical Charting. Our job will be to design the software for all nurses to use to chart on patients, and later in the year, will be bringing in the MDs for their charting on the patients.

Has anyone completed this type of training, or used Quadramed for charting. If so, how did it go, what did you like, not like. etc.

Thanks in advance!



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We use a system very similar to that at my hospital.All charting ,order entry and medication administration is done with the computer. Each nurse has there own mobile computer for there quad.The med part is relatively new but is pretty handy after you get used to it. For instance,if you are entering a med like potassium or lasix, the most recent BMP will be displayed as a reference guide. Same with any med that requires lab work.It has a few kinks, but they are worked out as we go along. All our training was done at our hospital in a classroom and on the units. We were a pilot/experiment with this stuff, and it will soon be used at every hospital in the company I work for. Good luck!!

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