Qs about Visa Screen Certificate


Hello everyone.

Ouchhh, processing for VisaScreen Certificate is so much pain.

I'm not good at paper works and it makes me so confused.

I need your help.

Here are my questions;

[1] Do I have to mail out "Payment Voucher" & "Photo ID Card" to CGFNS,

even though I made a payment through CGFNS website and uploaded my photo in the CGFNS website?


: I took NCLEX in 2009 and got NY RN license. I'm going to mail out the "Request for Written Confirmation of New York State Licensure" with "Request for Validation of License" and "$20 Check" to NYS Education Department.

If I send those forms with $20, NYS Education department will send information about my NCLEX to CGFNS.

[3] Request for Academic Records/Transcripts -VS Nurse: This form must be printed, signed, and mailed to your professional school

: When I print out 'Academic Records/Transcripts', there are also forms for non-nursing degree schools.

I got my BSN in the U.S. It was an accelerated program so I took some pre-requisite courses from (1) Community College in the U.S. and (2) a University (where I majored non-nursing) in my home country.

However, my nursing school in the U.S. evaluated all my courses before I got accepted into nursing program.

In this case, do I still need to send out this form to (1) Community College and (2) the Univeristy where I majored Non-nursing???

Thank you so much for your help and time in Advance =)


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(1) If you already paid online and uploaded a photo, then you don't have to mail it in. Check the status of your application on the CGFNS website, and it will say what documentation they are still waiting for.

(2) If your license was issued by the NYS Education Department, then they will forward the information to CGFNS once they have received the paperwork from you.

(3) If any of the courses you took at the community college or university back home contributed to your degree, then I would send them the forms. It's easier to do them all at once than to realize three months from now that CGFNS is waiting for those particular transcripts.

Hope this helps!