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I understand the minimum gpa for QCC nursing program is 3.0, but has anyone been accepted with that sorta low gpa? My prereq grades are fair and i have not taken the Pax exam yet but plan to take it this fall and hope to score over 130 since my grades are not the best. I am also completely finished with all my prereqs, I have both eng 101 & 102, I have both psych courses, I have A&P 1 and 2, I have my micro and also a liberal arts class. So the only classes I would need to take are nursing.

These are my prereq grades:

Eng 101-A


Math (Statistics)-A

Psych- B

Soc-B+ (I know Soc is not a requirement)

I will be applying for the fall 2020 semester. Did you get in the program?

No I didn’t attend there sorry. I’m actually at Trinitas in my 3rd nursing course.

Hi there, 

I just got accepted for Trinitas fall 2022 generic program. I am excited but more so nervous. I read so much mixed reviews about the school and program that now I’m second guessing my decision. I’m trying to prepare ahead of time because one thing everyone is saying is how hard the program but, I can’t find much information about class 130. If someone can please help me or even provide any power points or syllabus I would appreciate. Thank you all! 


I haven’t been in trinitas for a few years now but you won’t be able to find a syllabus for the current year unless you know someone who attended there. But as for 130 it was an easy class to me especially compared to the 4 remaining nursing courses. The basics of 130 is the history of nursing and learning calculations. Anything beyond that is hard but any nursing program is hard. You just have to pace yourself and study as hard as you can. Me I didn’t give nursing school my all because I am a mom, full time student and I worked full time. So when it came to studying I only did it maybe 2 days of a week or before an exam. So with that being said I was like a C+ B student and I was okay with that as long as I graduated. 

I hope that cleared the air a little and you got your answers. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. Good luck with everything!

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I graduated from Trinitas in Spring of 2018. While it’s a rigorous program, It was a very good experience for me. I truly learned how to be disciplined from that program both as a student and a nurse. I don’t think there was a day that went by where I did not study. I worked 32 hours a week at a doctors office during the early courses of the program which for 130 and 131. By the time 132 came around I was only able to work two days a week just to have some pocket money for gas to get to and from school and clinical. I would suggest lots of reading and lots of practice questions, especially from Lippincott.  I would love to hear about your progress in the program and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me anything. 

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