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Hey all,

I've been placed on the waiting list for the ADN program at PVCC, in the 30's. Does anyone have any experience with how far they go up in the wait list (an average). As well as when they'd notify me? I plan on working full time for as long as I can, any experience or advice for this?

Seems like a long shot, as that would require a third of the class not taking the offer. Since it is a community college, many students have only applied there and are not getting other offers.

I would go talk to the director of the program and find out what kept you out and see what you can do to ensure you get in next year.

In the meantime, get a job as CNA at UVA or MJH (if you have not already) and then you can have them pay for nursing school when you do get in.

Good luck. Great program.

I have 6 years experience as a CNA and am currently a phlebotomist in the area. My manager is very supportive and spoke with a few of her old colleagues who just graduated the program and she informed me that they went into the 50's last year! That seemed extreme to me, but we'll see. If not, I'll be doing the LPN program in the Spring and transfer over! Thank you for your response!

Did you get in? Applying to pvccs nursing program in the fall.

I have not heard anything as of yet, If I don't get in I'll be doing the LPN program!

Good luck :)

Im intrested in applying to the LPN program as well. But Im worried that my GPA is too low.

CONGRATS!! Best of luck!

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