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Put in a year... advice for new job?


Specializes in Cardiac Telemetry, Psychology. Has 3 years experience.

I am almost at that year point at my progressive care job (interventional cardiology). I am currently a quarter of my way through graduate school as well. I've realized that bedside nursing is not for me. The stress of patient loads, horrible day/night rotating schedules, the need to work weekend shifts, and long 12-14 hour days has gotten to me. However, the most important thing is, I have not planned staying a bedside nurse, nor do I want to.

So I am looking for job ideas. I just applied to a public health one that coordinates mass immunizations. I would love to have a desk-type job with much less stress. My ideal job would eventually be in the CDC working in epidemiology, or some sort of bioterrorism prevention effort.

I am also very computer savvy. My first undergraduate major was computer science (though for only one semester) before I changed to nursing. I thought about doing informatics and working for an electronic charting company. However for those, you would likely have to relocate. I'm also not sure if I would have all the skills either.

Any ideas for a person like me... in graduate school (MSN Leadership & Management), does not want to do bedside care, enjoys the idea of public health, extremely into politics (I lobby, write for blogs, friends with legislators), wants to make an impact on a large scale, and would eventually like to teach in a university?

I'm also a diverse, half-Japanese male nurse, hehe. Thanks everyone for any direction!

(I'm located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota)

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