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Pushing a med into a med line then running flush behind it

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I work in NICU so our doses are small and med lines hold 0.4 mls of fluid. If I push 0.1mls of fentanyl into a med line and run a 1.5ml flush over 15 mins behind it, technically the baby gets it in 1 minute. (Excluding the 0.3 in the med line). What is the best way to go around this but deliver as little volume as possible? 1.5 mls of flush is generally what we flush a picc line with so that volume stays the same.

Sorry Im an ER , Cath lab , and IR nurse . I have no dog in this fight . But can you dilute the fentanyl in ns to equal 1.5 ML over the 15 min . Id call your pharmacist there in the hospital he can help tell you. how fast you can give that dose to the baby the safest