RN's can set up BIPAP

  1. I know this sounds silly, but I need to find out if RN's with demonstrated comepetencies, can set up BIPAP, or do they need a special cert? Having a dispute with RT and can't find specific info in Maryland Nurse Practice Act or in COMAR to support or disprove.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   PageRespiratory!
    I can't see this being an issue from a lisensure standpiont. Certainly if a compentency requirement is fulfilled. Homecare RN's for example, I don't think they have special certification, they've been trained on BiPAP (or CPAP). Institution policy is a different story however. Every hospital I've worked at required an inservice by RT for nurses taking Pt's on NIPPV, but setting them up and Q2H assesment was our responsibility. As an RRT my license allows me (in the several states I hold licensure in) to push IV narcs, hang drips, titrate pressors, as long as I've been trained and can prove compentency. The hospital I'm currently employed at does not allow it however. I imagine the same would apply to nursing and ventilators in most places. BTW - why would your question sound silly?
  4. by   Luv Nursing
    Thank you so much for your insight. I felt like it was a "silly" question because to me, it's a no brainer for the reasons you pointed out in your post. There are Respiratory Nurses, you have home health nurses taking care of BIPAP, nurses manage vents in critical care settings, so obviously scope of practice is not the issue.

    However, a Resp. Manager is retalliating for another situation he was busted in, and is the kind of person who just makes stuff up....like the statement he made regarding the board of nursing telling him nurses could not do this. I hate it when people do stuff like that, especially when it's verifiable.

    I just was putting the question out there to find resources I can present to the Manager, but have actually found it to find anything really substantial to prove or disprove.

    Thank you for your comments!